On the hottest day of the year, Tiggi chats to the Draycott Bowler Hatted Postman, Ian MacLauchlan.  His story is fascinating.  Having left South Africa during political unrest, he moved his family to the UK, and has had a myriad of jobs, including serving in the military, teaching sports, as a bank manager and most recently in the Post Office.  Having worked in massive postal sorting offices across the country, his dream was to serve as a Postie in a sleepy rural country village and Draycott became his permanent patch.  Ian  admits to side stepping larger career opportunities to follow his dreams of serving community and to set up the animal charity ‘Hounds for Heroes’.  The charity trains dogs to support veterans with both physical and mental health challenges. With his endless high energy level Ian’s hobbies, all sports based, include international bog snorkelling! A funny, poignant episode highlighting that success and personal satisfaction comes in many forms.

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