An amazing woman and a massive participant in our community life. Mother, Willow Sculptor, Instructor, House Builder, Church Bell Captain, Horse Expert, and devoted lover of everything to do with Nature.

Sophie will be missed by her family who we are thinking about at this time, but friends will miss her too, as she touched so many hearts.

To remember Sophie (and with permission from her family) we have reconstructed the podcast recorded with Tiggi and Sophie chatting in February 2020. 

She died on the 8th of June this year 2023.

We have used some of Sophie’s favourite pieces of music and poetry, (selected by herself for her funeral) and fascinating stories about willow growing around the Somerset levels and its part in our community history.  The extraordinary connection of willow to nature, including a living shrine to a passing cat. Sophie survived one of our coldest winters living in a tent with her three young children while she physically built a safe dream ‘Eco home’ for them all.

We will miss the wicker horse standing proudly outside Sophie’s home in Rodney Stoke, but I like to think it gallops alongside her indomitable spirit as they canter on together over the moors of Somerset and beyond.

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