046 Draycott’s Postie’s Journey – For Charity

046 Draycott’s Postie’s Journey – For Charity

Tiggi chatted to Ian Maclachlan (the Draycott Postman) just before he embarked on the race of his life. Raising funds for “Hounds for Heroes”.

Ian left Draycott with hope in his heart, declaring the support of the local community would spur him on in times of self doubt. It transpires that proved the case when he almost quit for reasons you will find out in this recording as he updated Tiggi on his return.

Ian with his friend Chris Hewett were contestants in the 35th Marathon des Sables 2021. Billed as the toughest foot race on earth, with record temperatures this year reaching well above 50 degrees centigrade. The race, situated In southern Morocco, where Ian and Chris had to run 250k across the Sahara desert –  equivalent to a London Marathon a day for 7 days. 200 participants started the race. Each runner carrying his/her own backpack with seven days of supplies and limited water, approximately 35kg. Only a few of the runners finished the race. With gruelling temperatures and the unwelcome addition of dysentery, made the already unbearable almost impossible.

Listen to Ian’s story of shocking self discovery, pushing himself to the very edge of human endurance. However, he is already planning his next challenge!

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