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An insight into rural life.

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032 Draycott Community Shop One Year On

Tiggi takes a retrospective look at our community shop one year on. With personal loss, exhilaration & challenges at its core.

2020 saw lots of early excitement, but then lockdown hit us for the first time.

This is the story of a community who came together in a crisis and have learnt to go forward with a new understanding.

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025 Draycott Strawberries Re-visited

025 Draycott Strawberries Re-visited

Tiggi catches Chris Seager on the move for a catch up.

Seagers are facing the limitations of Brexit, a wet February, followed by arguably the hottest months of April and May on record.

To top everything, along came Covid-19 with the massive restrictions enforced by government. How are they coping right now?

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