Nick Boyd LOVES Bees! A long time resident of Draycott. Nick is an active member of the Wedmore and Cheddar Bee Keepers Association and has an apiary containing about 80,000 bees in each of his 6 hives.

See a short video of Tiggi looking for the Queen Bee with Nick by clicking here

Tiggi was overwhelmed by Nicks extensive knowledge. As they chatted looking out at his beautiful wild flower meadow, she realised just how complex bee keeping is and how vital this process is to support our environment. Up to 75% of our trees and plants would perish without the fertilisation process provided by bees. Nick explains that not all bees store honey and there are over 200 different varieties of bees in this country alone.

An exciting challenge for Tiggi came at the end of their chat. Wearing full BPE (bee protective equipment).  Tiggi got up close and personal with many thousands of hard working bees. As a blind woman the joy of being surrounding by bees is an experience she will never forget! Jackie, her guide dog, was not so keen!

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