045 Draycott in Autumn

045 Draycott in Autumn

Peter Bright, a resident in the beautiful Mendip area of Somerset for many years, is our guest this month.

Peter is a retired Biology Teacher and natural historian with an extensive knowledge of local wildlife. Tiggi asks questions that have come to her mind whilst trudging through the Autumn leaves in her walks on the local hills. Much of this episode considers both human and animal responses as Somerset prepares for winter. It touches on historic cider making and looks forward to the Somerset tradition of Wassailing in the New Year.

With the poem “Autumn” read by Sophie Barham and the anticipation of mulled cider. Grab your blanket and pull up your favourite chair as we cast you into the season of red, yellow and gold.

Talk Local 003

Talk Local 003

It’s Raining Men

Tiggi and Kayleigh have been on a Somerset binge this month covering life changing topics including what to wear if unexpected visitors drop from the sky.

Guests include Emily Ellis an inspiring local Zumba instructor. Ian MacLachlan the local postman about to run across the Sahara desert. And a group of committed Somerset ladies debate local slang words and their preferred strength of Cheddar cheese.

Sam Kail-Dyke supplies the music for this episode. A brilliant young composer from Cheddar with a bright future ahead. As part of a new, as yet unheard, composition for brass instruments. He has chosen”Talking Local” to premiere his work.

Recorded remotely Kayleigh reveals that with country broadcasting, wearing your apron is totally acceptable.

043 The Draycott Doctor

043 The Draycott Doctor

A Draycott resident of nearly 30 years and active in both the local Church and the Parish Council, Dr Richard Dingley OBE, KStJ is at the centre of the community. Although few people know about his fascinating past.

Fresh from medical school in the 50’s he joined the RAF. Stationed in Singapore, he acted as a Parachuting Doctor, dropped into the Malayan jungle to support the Special Operations team on the ground. His life passion has always been working in remote places across the world, treating eye conditions and supporting the blind. Wherever he travelled his young family came too. Even driving up terrifying mountain roads in rustic vehicles, adapted as eye clinics, to remote places in Borneo.  With his wife Sylvia they set up a group to climb Mount Kinabalu. All the climbers were blind, but with support, they made it to the top. A climb of 13,435 ft leaving the sighted support team exhausted and way behind.

Living in a house with no windows, snakes and monkeys were regular visitors to the family home in North Borneo. Sharing his memories with Tiggi, the stories keep on coming.  However, at its heart is a story of compassion and bravery.

Awarded an MBE for his charitable work and the honour of becoming a Knight of St John, Dr Dingley’s family arranged a very special Birthday surprise this year just in front of the Draycott Memorial Hall which led to the amusing disturbance of an exercise class nearby!

Talk Local 003

Talk Local 002

A Pound in the Head is a Coin well spent!

Labradors, mistakenly identified and old Somerset words are served up on this months Draycott Diaries Unplugged.  Showcasing music from Axbridge composer and musician Clara Mann  and talking local to Draycott’s newest entrepreneur Clare Love-Jones.  With sandwiches entangled in microphone leads and presenters dribbling chocolate, this is an episode not to be missed!

042 Draycott Underground

042 Draycott Underground

A resident of Draycott for many years, Martin Grass heads up the Mendip Cave Rescue team as their Chairman. His passion has always been Caving and Geology.

The Mendip Hills in Somerset are famous for their unique combination of sandstone and limestone. They are undoubtedly the custodians of countless undiscovered secrets.

After visiting Wells museum in Somerset, founded by Herbert Balch, the father of Mendip caving. Tiggi was keen to find out more about both Herbert Balch and William Boyd Dawkins. Both lived Wells and were pioneers of caving in the 1800’s. Their collaboration and work has documented some extraordinary discoveries, and dispelled some out of date theories. With Darwin on the scene, their discoveries supported a new look at the world, with evidence kept safe under the earth for millennia.

Space exploration attempts to give us the first human to step out on new turf, but costs billions. Martin happily recounts the time he was one of 6 people to discover a new cave. They christened it “The Frozen Deep” and it only cost a few quid in petrol!

Martin has been involved in countless rescues, including some high profile cases such as the Thailand footballers in 2018.

With celebrities in tow deep underground, Martin has acquired a neutral respect for politicians and church members alike.

A journey through geological history will get you thinking the next time you are “Out on the Hill”. What might be happening underneath your feet?

Talk Local 003

Talk Local 001

For this brand new trail blazing episode of ‘TalkLocal’, Tiggi and Kayleigh, are joined by new entrepreneur Joy Sindry of ‘Chasing Rainbows’.  Stories shared Include painting over valuable antiques. But the ensemble agree, positivity, humour and coffee are the way forward.

You will learn about the recent sighting of the ‘Beast of Draycott‘ and the challenges of dressing up as a Bee!

‘Showcase Local’ spins an exciting new disc from Hugh Trethowan.  “A Lidl Love Song”.   Love found in store at a bargain price!


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