Talk Local 001

Talk Local 001

For this brand new trail blazing episode of ‘TalkLocal’, Tiggi and Kayleigh, are joined by new entrepreneur Joy Sindry of ‘Chasing Rainbows’.  Stories shared Include painting over valuable antiques. But the ensemble agree, positivity, humour and coffee are the way forward.

You will learn about the recent sighting of the ‘Beast of Draycott‘ and the challenges of dressing up as a Bee!

‘Showcase Local’ spins an exciting new disc from Hugh Trethowan.  “A Lidl Love Song”.   Love found in store at a bargain price!


Talk Local 001

Draycott Diaries Unplugged The Trailer

In this ‘unplugged’ episode from the much loved Draycot Diaries life stories series.  You find out the true story behind a new idea. ‘Talking Local’ ‘Supporting Local’.

How does it work?  How will it work?  Tiggi and Co-Presenter Kayleigh sling ideas around like creative confetti.  With two snoring guide dogs at their feet.  A very feint programme outline emerges.

Hearing two professional women making semblance from chaos. Chaos or Chemistry?   You decide!

041 Draycott Bees

041 Draycott Bees

Nick Boyd LOVES Bees! A long time resident of Draycott. Nick is an active member of the Wedmore and Cheddar Bee Keepers Association and has an apiary containing about 80,000 bees in each of his 6 hives.

See a short video of Tiggi looking for the Queen Bee with Nick by clicking here

Tiggi was overwhelmed by Nicks extensive knowledge. As they chatted looking out at his beautiful wild flower meadow, she realised just how complex bee keeping is and how vital this process is to support our environment. Up to 75% of our trees and plants would perish without the fertilisation process provided by bees. Nick explains that not all bees store honey and there are over 200 different varieties of bees in this country alone.

An exciting challenge for Tiggi came at the end of their chat. Wearing full BPE (bee protective equipment).  Tiggi got up close and personal with many thousands of hard working bees. As a blind woman the joy of being surrounding by bees is an experience she will never forget! Jackie, her guide dog, was not so keen!

040 Draycott’s Protected Landscape

040 Draycott’s Protected Landscape

Tim Haselden is Development Officer for the Mendip Hills AONB, responsible for an area covering 198 square kilometres – equivalent to 20,000 football pitches.

Set up 50 years ago to protect our surrounding landscapes. AONB stands for  “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

“AONB The Voice of the protected landscape. Naturally beautiful , nationally protected.”

Originally from the Midlands, Tim obtained a degree in Ecology and Geology from Plymouth University. Following his conservation dreams, one of his first professional assignments was back near his home.

Nearly four years ago, Tim, along with his family, moved to the West Country. Here he took up his current role as Development Officer, based at Charterhouse, high on the Mendip hills.

Chatting with Tiggi, Tim explains exactly who is involved in his team, how the organisation is funded and his vision moving forward.

039 The Bells of St Leonards

039 The Bells of St Leonards

Tiggi chats to long time residents of Rodney Stoke, Colin and Jo Symes.  They relate wonderful stories from their past, including their participation in the “Maurice Symes Dance Band”.  However, their life time passion has always been around the village Church of St Leonards and the community that surrounds it in Rodney Stoke, Somerset.  Both were bell ringers and Colin held the position of Bell Captain for many years.

St Leonards Church was built in 1175 with the bell tower added in the 1400’s. In 1664 the bell frame, made of oak and housing a peel of 4 bells, was added. This still exists today, having lasted through the reigns of 40 Kings and Queens and the Commonwealth. The bells have rung with messages of joy, warning, celebration and sadness throughout this time.  They will no doubt continue to ring for many generations to come.

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