051 The Draycott Arborist

051 The Draycott Arborist

Village resident Adam Clark had two passions as a boy, soldiers and trees.  As he chats with Tiggi we learn so much from his past experiences.  As a student army cadet Adam once organised an expedition in Nepal to the base of Mount Everest.   On this trek he met some retired Gurkha soldiers they inspired him with their integrity and fiery spirit.

Adam went on to train as an Officer at Sandhurst, for the Royal Gurkhas Rifles as part of the British Army.  He was delighted to be stationed in Nepal for a time, to recruit Gurkhas amongst his military duties.  Around 2012 he and his Gurkha regiment were deployed to fight in Afghanistan.

Leaving the army was a tough choice but Adam wanted to start a family and lead a quieter life. A gift from his wife inspired him back to his love of trees and conservation.  Putting himself through a myriad of training Adam is now a fully qualified Arborist.  Having settled into the village for seven years, Adam and his wife recently bought their own piece of heaven.  A plot of land at the top of the Mendip hills.  Not the steep hills of Nepal, but close!




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