A  behind the scenes look at the life of a  rural Priest.  Reverent Stuart Burns, the Vicar of Draycott,  by definition is at the epicentre of the community. As Tiggi chats to Stuart she begins to find out more, focusing on his past and discovering why he felt called to serve God.  Born to politically aware parents in South Africa at the height of Apartheid and as supporters of the human rights activist Desmond Tutu, Stuart often witnessed violence and brutality.  As a student he lost his faith but eventually it returned and he became ordained. As a new Priest he presided at many funerals of people he knew caught up in conflict.  Now married with a young family, life in South Africa became untenable.  20 years ago he moved to the UK and his story continues with the ups and downs of faith, community  and the Church in current turbulent times.  On a lighter side we find out Stuart is an accomplished cook and loves a TV thriller with a homemade curry!

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