Helen Dance is one of the pillars of the communities of Draycott and Rodney Stoke. An experienced volunteer with CAM (Citizens Advice Mendip), Clerk of the Card Trust, Editor of the Parish newsletter and owner of 2 raucous parrots.

She reveals a fascinating and surprising tale of John and Joseph Card.  In the early 1700’s they left an amazingly generous legacy to the village in the form of land. Then along came Reverend Cobley, who also left a substantial legacy to support children being sent to work in the local lead mines. Now combined as an established charity, this fund, to this day, supports members of the community in financial need, such as education and pensions. However, with the onset of Covid-19, the need for support has increased and the philanthropic gesture from two brothers and a vicar, who died over a hundred years ago, carry on to this day.

Also in this podcast, Helen clarifies the present role of CA Mendip, which now operates an on-line and telephone service during the pandemic. She also describes, as editor, how a simple Parish newsletter can impact so positively for the 625 households on the community. A busy woman!

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