A brand new year and a brand new pantomime for the local community. This month Tiggi hooks up with three members of the local drama group Mendip Players.

Revelations include the debacle of walking on heels for the first time and the perils of business negotiations dressed as a pantomime dame. However, the group have covered a wide variety of genres in their time.

It was surprising to discover how the group was formed almost sixteen years ago. It seems that hidden talent was lurking in the village shadows just waiting to be launched by support and encouragement.

After many years of successful productions for “the seniors” a youth group was formed for “the juniors”.

With sell out shows every time, the group has been able to buy technical equipment and offer support to the local community.

There is nothing amateur about this group of thespians. With pride and friendliness as their mantra, and never taking “you can’t do that” for an answer, performances compete with the West End and repertory theatres.

“Frankenpanto”  3rd, 4th, 5th February 2022

https://www.themendipplayers.co.uk      for further information

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