Talk Local 002

Talk Local 002

A Pound in the Head is a Coin well spent!

Labradors, mistakenly identified and old Somerset words are served up on this months Draycott Diaries Unplugged.  Showcasing music from Axbridge composer and musician Clara Mann  and talking local to Draycott’s newest entrepreneur Clare Love-Jones.  With sandwiches entangled in microphone leads and presenters dribbling chocolate, this is an episode not to be missed!

Talk Local 002

Talk Local 001

For this brand new trail blazing episode of ‘TalkLocal’, Tiggi and Kayleigh, are joined by new entrepreneur Joy Sindry of ‘Chasing Rainbows’.  Stories shared Include painting over valuable antiques. But the ensemble agree, positivity, humour and coffee are the way forward.

You will learn about the recent sighting of the ‘Beast of Draycott‘ and the challenges of dressing up as a Bee!

‘Showcase Local’ spins an exciting new disc from Hugh Trethowan.  “A Lidl Love Song”.   Love found in store at a bargain price!


Talk Local 002

Draycott Diaries Unplugged The Trailer

In this ‘unplugged’ episode from the much loved Draycot Diaries life stories series.  You find out the true story behind a new idea. ‘Talking Local’ ‘Supporting Local’.

How does it work?  How will it work?  Tiggi and Co-Presenter Kayleigh sling ideas around like creative confetti.  With two snoring guide dogs at their feet.  A very feint programme outline emerges.

Hearing two professional women making semblance from chaos. Chaos or Chemistry?   You decide!

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